It doesn't take much of a disruption for people to start thinking about moving on from one path to another. COVID-19 is more than a mere disruption. It's  changing everything to such a degree that more people than ever are wondering how much of our their lives are going to change. No one has all the answers but, rather than focus on what to do, let's consider what not to do.

There's never been a better time to reflect and re-examine everything. The kind of correction we're going through right now has provided a major opportunity to 'throw it all on the wall', take a time-invested look at the landscape of our personal and professional lives, and decide how we want to change, transform or reinvent in every area of our lives.

Right now, everyone's looking for leadership somewhere. There are questions that leaders and aspiring leaders need to be asking themselves to determine if they're either leading with authority and consistency, or if they're lacking in some area that would make the difference between being the best or otherwise.  

There are a lot of leaders in this world with a lot of recommendations on how to lead in a crisis. They're all being tested right now during the era of COVID-19 and they'll be tested like never before. We are living through an historical event that will influence how we behave for the rest of our lives, just as we have done since 9/11. Here are 5 recommendations that have guided me through many crisis, both personally and professionally. They've stood the test of time and will do so now. 

More often than not, those in positions of Leadership (especially in today's environment of blame casting, deflection and lack of ownership) are often left feeling that there's no way to win no matter what they do or say. There are 7 ways to move past feeling this way, with none of them being easy unless your committed to the purpose for which you were called, which is to lead!

It's no wonder we have so many individuals with a victim mentality these days. When we see nothing but blaming, deflecting, rationalizing and excusing from the majority of our political leaders on both sides of the aisle, it's not surprising that the syndrome rolls down hill. We're seeing it everywhere in every social media outreach, as well. It really wears me out, but it has to be confronted.

The journey to Personal Leadership Effectiveness is learning to govern and lead yourself. Doing that requires some reflection in looking back to identify those significant events that were turning points in shaping and influencing your values and your mindset up to now.

The more I study the issue of self esteem, the more I'm convinced we've been sold a bill of goods by all of the Psychologists, self-proclaimed Motivational experts, and Politicians; in short, anyone trying to either label people in general, or separate the haves from the have nots by way of self esteem.

We live in an era of double standard leadership and convenient amnesia. The lack of transparency, use of manipulation through myths and political agendas is distressing. Where do you look for consistency and guidance, and how do you lead yourself? How will you maximize the time you have left?

I interviewed Chris Simon, a former Psychologist and Counselor, who's now an Executive Coach. We've developed a close relationship over the last couple of years based upon mutually shared values; specifically those that shape both of our perspectives relative to Leadership character and behavior. I felt our discussion this week on the Leadership Video Channel was worth sharing with you on this week's podcast. 

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